21 August 2012

Marshmallow Fondant

I recently made my first fondant-covered cake and have been itching to try again.  At first I was going to buy some fondant, but then I learned that you can make your own from marshmallows.  I saw the recipe over at The Chaplains Wife and just had to try it.

Well, the first attempt was horrific!  I only had a cup or so of marshmallows and decided to just wing the recipe.  BAD IDEA.  I ended up with green marshmallow goo all over my hands because I thought I was at the point of kneading it before there was enough powdered sugar.  I wanted to get a picture of it, but didn't want to risk my technology being forever marshmallow-ed.

Luckily, when I actually got around to using all the correct amounts, the fondant turned out!  I don't have a cake to decorate, but it keeps for 3-6 months.  One batch makes about 3 pounds of fondant, which is a good amount.

Fondant all wrapped up.  No food coloring yet!
 Be warned... the clean-up can be pretty overwhelming.  I made sure to soak the bowls as soon as I finished the fondant.  Also, do listen to the recipe when it says to grease the bowl and your hands with Crisco. That may have been my mistake in the first try.

Oh, no, look at those messy bowls!
Soon, I'll be posting a picture of my first at-home fondant-covered cake!  I just need an occasion...

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