21 August 2012


Yesterday, I made my second batch of tortillas ever.

Before making them, I thought it would be a long, difficult process.  But it's super easy!  You basically make the dough, roll it into balls, wait, then roll them out into circles and cook on a skillet.

The recipe made 18 8" tortillas, which you can see cooling below.

Tortillas cooling on the counter.

Today I tried one with peanut butter and honey and it was delicious!  Next time, though, I will add less salt to the dough and possibly a little less oil.  You can definitely taste the salt, but it isn't completely overpowering.  As for the oil, after 45 minutes of letting the dough rest, little bits had seeped out. 

Tortilla with peanut butter and honey.

I got the recipe from Pinterest:

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