05 October 2012

Mermaid Handspun Yarn

Spun more than three weeks ago, but just getting the pics now! 

When spinning this yarn, I was aiming for a "super thin yarn"...so it ended up about sport weight.  A combination of my Louet and my patience means that most yarn ends up worsted to bulky, but I wanted something a little closer to sock yarn.

Mermaid transitions from red violet to lime green, with no repeat.  I was trying to do something similar to Noro yarns, that have long color stretches that blend seamlessly.

Above, you can see it as a skein.  I just want to stroke it and hold it and never actually knit it!  Ever since I started spinning, I've had trouble actually breaking into a skein to knit.  That means I have a lot of "decorative" skeins lying around.

Obligatory quarter shot!  Gives an idea of the differences in thickness.

In knitting news, I am half of the way through a pair of socks and now trudging along diligently.  The start of school and my new job means less sit-in-front-of-the-computer-and-knit time.  I suppose that's good, since Netflix was running out of documentaries to watch.

1 comment:

  1. That yarn looks gorgeous! Sometimes I wish I could spin, but since most spinners seem to not want to knit with their yarn, I suppose it's a good thing really! I have enough of a stash already! Maybe if you span with a project in mind for the finished yarn, you may actually use it?
    Looks awesome anyway :)