05 October 2012

The Joys of Majoring in Biology

I am currently in my fourth (and final!) year of biology at a fantastic university.  Most of my classes have centered around Cell and Molecular Biology, which means lots of microscopes, micropipettors, and chemistry.  I love all the lab work! 

This quarter, however, I am taking an Ecology class which actually has field work.  Yes, I actually go out into nature and do things!  This past week, I went to a creek that was at the end of a long dirt road with no seeming end. 

While my classmates grumbled about walking through the water in their tennis shoes, I happily splashed around in my rain boots.  (Unfortunately a portion of the creek was deeper than it looked and my boot filled up.)  The field study included water tests and measurements of pebbles and organic matter.  Totally different than measuring out fractions of drops of ten different solutions and hoping the pipets are calibrated correctly.

It was awesome! 

My only disappointment was finding no frogs to catch. 

Hopefully my future days as a teacher will enable similar field trips.

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