17 August 2012

Wrap Bracelets

Remember those hair wraps that used to be so popular?  I confess that I have put them in my hair on multiple occasions, the most recent being a year ago.  They're for little kids, I know, but I was a camp counselor at the time!

Anyways, I love how the hair wraps look and the reality is that they are difficult to take care of if you ever want to brush your hair.  Here comes the alternative: wrap bracelets.  They look exactly the same as the hair wraps, but can be worn and taken off whenever. And-- Bonus!-- they don't require super-human skills to make for yourself (hair wraps are quite difficult to make for yourself, since they all start up by the back of your head).

Two wrap bracelets.  The one on the left can wrap around your wrist 3 times or your ankle twice.  The one on the right can wrap around your wrist 2 times.

I have many other bracelets that will soon be added to my Etsy shop.  Here is a sneak-peak below... 

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