06 March 2016

Torture Device or... Craft?

Today was one of those days where I take a step back from my daily dose of craft and wonder what other people would think if they came upon me. You see, it may look like I am creating some kind of device with the nefarious purpose of torture.

...And I kind of see why. Yes, there are a bunch of tiny spikes in a row. And, yes, that probably would hurt if it were used against you.

But, really, it's not as bad as it looks.

What you're actually looking at is some clothespins with thumbtacks for use with bulletin boards. I like to put up my student's work in my classroom and these will let me change out the projects much easier. No more staples or handfuls of thumb tacks while balancing on a chair!

Total Cost for 36 clothespin bulletin pins: $2. (Thank you, Dollar Tree!)

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