22 February 2016

Netflix and Crafting

Whenever someone sees me crafting for the first time, they tend to react in a similar way: "Wow, I could never [insert craft here]," or "I don't know how you have the time to do that!" Once someone says this, I fell almost sad that they have never experienced crafting. 

Think about how many people crafted a hundred years ago. Sure, a lot of it was required. You kind of had to be able to sew a button back on or knit socks for the winter. But it also had to do with having some to occupy yourself. Before the glorious invention of TV people had much more time to fill up. Ok, they could read a book or write in their journal. But what if they wanted to be a little more social? Crafting allowed people to sit together and chat while they worked on their handiwork. The beauty of crafting is that you can multitask. 

Fast forward to modern day.

I am one of those people who can't sit still to watch TV. Many others cope by being on their phones also. I admit that I will spend a lot of time on my phone while watching TV. 


I craft. If I can keep my hands busy it makes sitting still and paying attention much easier. I have been known to make it through entire movies like Mad Max: Fury Road (which I would recommend if you enjoy weird characters, cartoon violence, and minimal plot or character development) with cross stitching in my hands.

This is my newest project. It's from FiddleSticksAU and it's going to read "I solemnly swear I am up to no good." It has witnessed Iron Man 2, Thor, Mad Max: Fury Road, A Ballerina's Tale, and other TV shows like America's Next Top Model thus far.

So the next time someone asks me how I can do such a tedious, complicated thing, I'll answer: "Lots of Netflix." 

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