16 February 2013

Two Scarves and Some Socks

Yesterday I finally finished a pair of socks I've been working on for about 5 months and wove in the ends to a scarf that I spent just 2 days on.

First, here are my July Mystery Socks.  It was a great, easy pattern and I love how the heel was done!  They are toe-up with a short-row heel, but also have a gusset.  It really cuts down on the awkward holes from a straight short-row heel.  As you can see from the WIP Post for these socks, I have been working on these for months!  I got distracted by making gifts for people and put them aside.  This week, though, I finally finished!

 Here is a close-up of the pattern.  The repeat for the main pattern is only 4 rows, so I was able to memorize it and didn't have to keep looking at the chart (yay!).  I decided to make them short socks because I live in California, and wool socks are almost always a little warm anyways!

Here is my 2-day scarf!  I used some handspun that I made during the summer and knit it up in garter stitch on size 15's.  Here is a post about the Mermaid Handspun.

The whole scarf.  As I had intended, the yarn knit up in long stripes of color.  Each of the colors was hand-dyed by me, so this scarf is truly handmade from start to finish.

Right now, I am working on a new LARGE project... The Beekeeper's Quilt!

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