03 February 2013

Banana Beer Bread

I have an inability to finish all the bananas before they get brown and mushy because I seem to misjudge how many bananas I eat ("Seven?  That's a good number of bananas").  I wanted to do banana bread, but with a new twist, so I searched for banana beer bread.

And... of course it  exists!  I found a great recipe over at Life, The Universe, and Everything Delicious.  This blog has a ton of amazing-looking food with lots of recipes.  Go visit it!  (I did make 2 changes: used white flour and added a pinch of pumpkin pie spice.)

 The recipe calls for 2 bananas and 1/4 cup of beer.  I used Pacifico and it worked wonderfully!  Not as beer-y as true beer bread, but there is a nice hint of it.

And here's how it looks inside.  Super moist!  That's the great thing about banana bread. 

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