05 December 2012

"ooh wee ooh" TARDIS Cross Stitch

I recently decided that I need to craft more, because in the busyness of my senior year of college, I had stopped doing any crafts.  Cross stitch was the craft that called to me.  It took a few hours to find the perfect pattern, but I instantly knew when I saw it!

Here it is, the TARDIS.  I bought the pattern from Elf Stitch and was super excited to make it.  It took me almost 2 weeks to complete, and is my largest (completed...sorry Flying Spaghetti monster, you're just so much boring noodle-colored tentacles!)  project yet.

Oh, that border, it was almost the end of me!  It turned out looking great, but the border took longer than the actual TARDIS and text.  Note to self: seek out patterns with simpler borders.  I think one of the reasons it looks so cool is the backstitching on the TARDIS.  I thought about not doing it in a fit of laziness, but decided to just go for it (I'm a risk taker!).  So now I am all "Me + Backstitching Forevever!" 

Now I am working on some TARDIS ornaments from the pattern.  It's flying by!

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