08 December 2012

Cross Stitch Pattern Designer Program (With free Rorschach Quote Pattern!)

I'm the kind of crafter who follows patterns but also MUST design my own patterns.  I've spent hours looking through cross stitch patterns online and got the urge to make my own.  So I started to search.  There are so many cross stitch pattern makers out there!  But most are for converting images into cross stitch (want your baby's face forever remembered in 50 shades of fleshtone thread? Bam!).  And the ones that have the tools I want are $50 and up.  Seriously?  For a glorified Paint program?

After much searching, I found the perfect program: KG-Chart.  It lets me draw stitches and shapes and add in backstitching.  When you go to print the design, it gives you a handy dandy table with the DMC numbers for all the colors and how many stitches are in each.  (Though I must admit that I choose colors for my projects by squinting and comparing to the printout.)

My first pattern is a Rorschach quote, from Watchmen.  Though it's a kinda long, loud movie that I *may* have fallen asleep during my second viewing... it's a really cool quote.  Every time you read it, though, you must imagine Rorschach saying it with his crazy-awesome voice.

Click for bigger!
Here is a PDF of the pattern.  So go for it, cross stitchers!  If you post your completed project, please link back and let me know. 

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