13 December 2012

Block Letters Cross Stitch

So I have been making my patterns in KG-Chart, which is a great free program.*  It doesn't have a fancy text input tool, so you have to do all of it by hand (which is actually kind of relaxing... see my Rorschach quote).  I haven't decided yet if it is worth it to shell out some money for a better program--like Pattern Maker Pro

Anyhoodle... that means I am doing all the text by hand.  So I decided to try making my own "fonts" in the program so I don't have to be constantly trying to remember what kind of letter I want.  The first one is very close to what I use for my woven friendship bracelets.  I had to tweak a few letters for them to look right with the others, because they look different when I weave them.

While making this, I realized that I have NEVER EVER made a bracelet with a "Q" in it.  And I've done more than a hundred.  It's not a very common letter, apparently!

So, here is a link to the PDF.  Feel free to use however you want! 

*Just, for the love of God, don't try to switch to backstitching when you have some cross stitches selected.  They will disappear.  And then you will "undo" and the cross stitches will be in the spot that they were before you selected and moved them.  Hopefully.  But, hey, it's free!

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