01 September 2012

Knitting Needles

I organized my knitting needle stash the other day, since they were in about 3 places and just a mess.  Seriously, what are you supposed to do with circular needles?!

Wanna know something scary? 

...This isn't even all of them.  I have a whole 'nuther bag with all my straight needles in them.  In the bag above, I have my double-pointed needles, interchangeable needles, and circular needles.  Most of my straight needles are way too long for the bag, so I stored them in a knitting needle holder that I sewed.  When I sewed the holder, I never thought I'd need another storage option!

With my reorganization, I found a WIP from last December: rainbow felici and black diagonally-striped socks.  Stay tuned for pictures of my finished sock!

BONUS! Fluffy kitty with string picture!  This handsome cat is Midnight, who is usually very poised, but couldn't resist the yarn.


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