01 September 2012

First Fondant Cake From Scratch (Sorta)!

Ok, this cake was a long time in the making.  I went to Cakemix a month ago and decorated my first ever fondant cake.  Then I decided to make my own fondant with marshmallows and powdered sugar.  I didn't really know what kind of cake to make, but finally found someone to make one for!

Ta-da!  I definitely learned a couple things with this cake.  Like, you always need more powdered sugar to keep the fondant you're rolling out from sticking.  And, add more powdered sugar, gosh-darn-it!  

Did you know that cutting a hole in a ziplock bag to use as a frosting bag doesn't have results as good as using actual frosting tips?  Yeah, I probably should have known.  But I really wanted something that I could just throw away and not have to handwash.  Next time, I will definitely splurge for the frosting bags!

It turned out way better than I expected for my first try, so I'm happy!  I'm definitely going to be making more 2-lay 6" cakes in the future and decorating them with fondant. (Especially since the batch of fondant I made has at least another cake's worth!)

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