08 September 2012

Castle in the Clouds Handspun Yarn

Last week, for the first time in months, I picked up some wool and spun it.  I had a beautiful batt that I carded with different hand-dyed wool and sparkle fibers (Angelina, I think) a while ago.  I spun it up thick and plied it, which made a bulky, squishy yarn.  My go-to method of plying is Navajo plying, which is also called chain plying, and creates a 3-ply.  I love this because you don't have to worry about spinning 2 exact amounts like in 2-ply, or alternatively making a center-pull ball to ply ends together.  It gives great stripes, even when there are only subtle differences in the colors. 

Click for larger!
This yarn is 2.5 ounces and about 50 yards.  I think it would be perfect for a headband or wristwarmers, though probably not enough for a scarf.  The colors remind me of fairy tales and the sky, hence "Castle in the Clouds".  


I have a couple more batts that I'm wanting to spin.  I am in awe of the spinners who consistently spin beautiful sock yarn.  I simply don't have that kind of patience!  Also, my Louet seems better suited for worsted weight and up.

As for the Rainbow Striped Sock, I am still working on it!  Right now I am increasing for the heel, so a little under half of the way done.  Hopefully I'll get it finished in the next week before school starts and everything gets crazy again!

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