24 August 2012

Starving Artist Hat: Part 2

In a change from my usual methods, I have managed to finish a hat in just 3 days!
In action!

Above, you can see me wearing the hat. It's really difficult to get a good picture of something on your own head, let me tell you! So I held it out and took a picture, which shows more of the twisted rib and the pom-pom that I made.

Only way to easily get a picture of the back of it.
The hat looked good before, but I love how it looks now that the pom-pom is there.  Instead of cutting cardboard or using one of those fancy/expensive pom-pom makers, I opted to just wrap the string around a used gift card. 

Warning!  When evening out this bulky wool yarn pom-pom, the little fibers separated from each other and got everywhere.  I tried wiping the bits off, but there's still a bunch of fibers holding out.  Kind of like glitter, I suspect I will be finding little pieces of this yarn for a LONG time. 

At least it's purple!

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