25 August 2012

Square Chained Chevron

 ** Want a full tutorial?  Go to my new post for full instructions. **

Today I experimented with a new bracelet!  Many of my bracelets are made with square knots, and I recently found that they translate very well to embroidery floss.  Just square knots are pretty boring, so I added some bells and whistles.

This bracelet is made up of eight strands of thread (well, 4 folded in half).  The green only showed up in the chevron portion, however, which is probably due to the even number of colors.

I plan on making a tutorial for this bracelet, but here's some notes for now:

Two of each color set up symetrically, so ABCDDCBA.

  1.  A over B either as over-under knots or Chinese staircase.  16 knots total.  Repeat on other half.
  2. Tie the two C over D's in square knots.  10 knots total.
  3. Start chevron by tying B over C, then D.  Tie the two B's together in the center.
  4. Tie A over C, D, and B, then together.
  5. One more row of chevron with C over D,B, and A, then together.
  6. Repeat #1-5 but with re-lettered strings.

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