26 August 2012

Square Chained Chevron Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

 Like my new Square Chained Chevron friendship bracelet?  I made another one and decided to make an in-depth tutorial for it.  If you want the Printable PDF of the tutorial, click here! (Link will open on Google Drive.)
Square chained chevron bracelets.
  1. Set-up: Choose 4 colors, one of which will be shown less.  Cut each of the 4 colors about 4 to 5 feet long, fold over, and tie in a knot.  In this case, yellow is the color that will be seen less.  Arrange your colors so your least favorite is second and second-to-last.  Imagine the strings have been labeled A1 B1 C1 D1 D2 C2 B2 A2.  **Note:  The "1" and "2" denote whether the string is on the left or right.  There are times when the two middle strands switch places.  Instructions refer to the strings as if 1 is always the left strand and 2 is the right strand.

  2. Tie A1 over B1 16 times.  I used 8 forward-backward knots, which you can see how to tie here at Friendship-bracelets.net. Alternative: Tie 16 hitches so it looks like a Chinese staircase.  For the A2 over B2, you need to tie 8 backward-forward knots. Below is a picture of the first part of a backward-forward knot.

  4. Here is the second half of the backward-forward knot.

  5. After both A's have been tied over the B's, it should look like the following.

  6. With the C1 and C2, tie 5 square knots over the two D strings.  Click here for instructions on how to tie a square knot.  Below in the first half of the square knot.  Make sure to tighten completely.

  7. Below is the second half of a square knot.  After this is tied, you must tie 4 more complete square knots.

  8. Here is the completed chain section.  Next, it is time to tie the chevron section.

  9. Tie B1 over C1 and D1. Tie B2 over C2 and D2, then over B1.  This final knot connects the two B strands.  The order of the strings is now ACDBBDCA.

  10. Tie A1 over C1, D1, and B1.  Then Tie A2 over C2, D2, B2, and A1.  Order is now CDBAABDC

  11. Final row of the chevron.  Tie C1 over D1, B1, and A1.    Then tie C2 over D2, B2, A2, and C1.  Order after chevron has been tied is DBACCABD.

  12. You are now done with one repeat of the pattern!  Imagine the strings have been re-named (pink used to be D, but is now A) and repeat steps 1-10.  Continue for as long as you want the bracelet to be.

  13. Below you can see what the completed bracelet looks like. 

Tips and Tricks:
  • Try changing the number of knots for the side chains and middle square knots to lengthen or shorten.  By increasing the side chains more than the square knots, you will have a bracelet that is wider.
  • Increase the number of strings for a wider bracelet with more color combinations.
  • Instead of square knots in the center, try twisted square knots.
  •  Add beads to customize your bracelet more (and make it faster to complete!).
Thanks for looking!  I would love to hear back from anyone who has tried this tutorial, so please leave a comment.

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