21 December 2011

Flying Spaghetti Monster Cross Stitch

The Flying Spaghetti Monster deserves to be plastered over everything, so I am doing my part by cross stitching His Noodly Appendage.

This is my largest cross stitch project ever and it will probably be in progress for awhile.  But I figured out how to make it go much faster: don't use a hoop!  I had been using an embroidery hoop, because that is what you do in embroidery,  But it was difficult to use with the thick 14 count Aida.  As soon as I took it out of the hoop, I was able to work at more than twice my previous speed.  Yay!  (I don't know if you're "supposed" to use a hoop, but I like it much better without and this is a craft, after all.)

EDIT: Here is the pattern I used, for anyone interested! (LINK)

Along with my progress, I wanted to post a picture of my Christmas tree.  Some people go for the themed tree (look at all of them on Pinterest!), but my theme is more "just throw everything up there".  My mom (whose work you can see over at Dammit Minnie!) has been making my brother and I an ornament every year since we were born, so all of them have great memories.  No glass sphere ornaments here!

It's the holidays, so that means lots of baking!  Today I have been working on sugar cookies and will be pickling later.  Trying new recipes is a ton of fun (when they work out, that is).


  1. Did you create the pattern for the flying spaghetti monster yourself? Or did you find it elsewhere? I'm trying to find one so I can stitch one as a gift, but the very few I've come across aren't that great looking.

    1. Hi Jennifer!
      I have uploaded my pattern. I made the pattern before I had the software, so it's just a grid.
      Hope that helps!
      :) Anne

    2. That is great! Thank you so much! :)