22 August 2011

New Obsession: Embroidery!

For a long time, I was content to spend all of my crafting time knitting.  I thought, I think I finally found MY CRAFT.  But I have strayed once again from monocrafty and stumbled into the land of Needlework.  It happened innocently enough: one day not long ago, I started an embroidery project.  Then I made another.  And now I find myself with a bunch of embroidery floss, transfer pen, needles, and Aida cross stitch cloth (something I had never heard of before two days ago).

I just finished my first cross stitch project, and will be posting pictures soon.  But for now, feast your eyes on my embroidery quilts.
This was my first embroidery quilt.  I found a coloring page of this witch on The Google.  When I finished, I wasn't satisfied with it, so I used the crayon tinting technique to add color.  (If you don't know how to crayon tint, it is just coloring the fabric with crayon and ironing on top of a paper placed over it.)  She looks much better now!  I used metallic thread for her earring.

And my second embroidery quilt, all about mitosis!  I found a wonderful, awesome, cool seller on Etsy who makes amazing patterns: TheFlossBox.  If I were rich--and had unlimited time--I would buy all of her designs.  I am a Molecular Biology major, so mitosis is something I adore.  Click for more detail.

Now I'm off to make a spaghetti kale dish for dinner, then to work on my cross stitched Hogwarts crest.

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