21 December 2012

Futurama Cross Stitch Gift

For the past week, I have been working on this cross stitch from WeeLittleStitches.  All of the patterns are amazing!

Here it is, Futurama:

The pattern is *free*, so yay!  You can find it here.  Now, poor Hermes did not make it into the final product.  I'm stitching with a deadline!

This is the largest cross stitch project I have done so far, and it dragged on forever!  So many different colors of thread (some of which were actually the recommended colors) and ends to weave in.  I finished and stared at it for a good few minutes and then realized 1) the Professor didn't have any shoes, and 2) The top row of Amy's jumpsuit didn't have the second leg of the stitch.  After grappling with my inner lazy, I pulled the thread back out and fixed those two spots. 

Next up... IT Crowd!

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