29 December 2011

Gloves for Natalie

My friend Natalie said to me one day "You know those fingerless gloves things that turn into mittens?  I want some of those."  Well I knew I could do that no problem.  But when I got home for the holidays, I realized that I had left all of my knitting needles, crochet hooks, stitch markers--everything--at my apartment.  Usually I over-pack and bring more yarn than I can knit in a year for short vacations, but this time it completely slipped my mind.

I could have gone out and bought some knitting needles, but I knew I would be getting Joann's gift cards for gifts.  So I waited.  When I got them, I went out the next day and bought needles, yarn, and stitch markers (and a cake caddy!  I have grand plans of becoming a master baker with this cake-carrying container).  It took me four days to knit this, all the while thinking I'm not going to finish in time, must knit faster!

But I was able to finish!  I used the Urban Necessity Gloves pattern, but made lots of changes.  Here they are, just in case you might want to also make changes.  The size I used was medium, and since I couldn't exactly measure Natalie's hands without her noticing, I had to guess.

  • 1x1 ribbing instead of individual fingers (saves time) 
  • Plain stockinette for the mitten cap 
  • Paired decreases every other row after 15 rounds on the mitten cap until 18 stitches, then k2tog around twice. 
  • Cast on 5 stitches in the gap of the thumb gusset then k2tog next round to decrease to 4 added. 
  • Buttonhole added to thumb by casting off stitches and casting back on in the next round (for texting).
Above is the palm side of the glove.  You can see the buttonhole I added to the thumb for texting.  Useful for people who are glued to their phones and don't want to sacrifice warmth.

Below is how the glove looks when you have the mitten cap off.

Next up: rainbow cake!  Hopefully the six layers will all go together smoothly.

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