23 March 2011

Salamander Socks

Colorwork socks take some time.  Especially when they are competing with studying and work for my attention.  The first sock took about two months to knit, but the second took just over a week and a half.  Why, you ask?  Finals week and Spring break!

I would get so much more knitting done if I could just sit at home all day and knit away (while watching whatever trashy cable show catches my interest, of course).  But, alas, college and a part-time job are higher priority.  This week, Spring Break, is stereotypically the week for college students to go party in some warm beachy place, but I will be spending it knitting and gardening.  Sounds fun, aye?

Salamander 2

Knit Picks Tonal, I am so in love!  A beautiful, inexpensive sock yarn--perfect for this college student.

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