27 March 2011

Mini Dishcloths

Small things are almost always cuter than their larger counterparts (see: miniature horses, kittens, tiny goats) and I've found that dishcloths follow the trend.  I knit two mini dishcloths--just 30 stitches across at the widest--from the Grandmother's Favorite pattern on Ravelry.  After finding this pattern, I realized that my aunt taught me how to knit using a pattern like this many years ago.  Of course, I soon forgot everything and had to reteach myself when I was older.  Ah, youth.

I started these before sewing the Reusable Napkins with a plan of knitting a bunch for napkins.  They will probably work well, but take longer to make--I sewed 10 napkins in about the same time it took to knit just one of these.

As of a few hours ago, I have returned to school for another busy quarter.  I hope to keep up my knitting projects and finish a pair of Skew that have been sitting around for about three months.

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